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5 Reasons You Must Have This When you Travel

5 Reasons You Must Have This When you Travel


Do not leave home without this must-have item for immunity defense, warmth, sun protection and fashion when you travel

What is this amazing item?   A scarf.  Yes really.   I always take one when I travel. Even when it’s hot outside, the temperature inside the plane can be downright cold or breezy.  Regardless of how warm it is on the plane, there are several other critical reasons why a scarf is always with me when I travel.

1.  Immunity Defense.   I may not break be willing to wear a hospital mask on the plane or in the airport unless there is an all-out epidemic, but I will discretely pull my scarf up over my mouth and nose to minimize the germs I inhale when in a crowd or on a plane.  This is especially true if there is someone coughing or sneezing on the plane or right next to me.  The air in the plane is recirculated and regardless of whether you have your air blower off, the same air goes around and around and is breathed by everyone.

2.  Defense Against Odors. When the person next to you eats an onion sandwich that is making your stomach turn you don’t have too many options – unless you have a scarf.   I simply pull mine over my mouth and nose – and sometimes dab a bit of my aromatherapy antiseptic lotion blend on my nose on the scarf for added defense.  This typically blocks out most if not all of the smell until it dissipates after lunch is over.

3.  Chill and Wind Factor.  It is often breezy on a flight, whether from a neighbor’s overhead airjet or the typical circulation of recycled air.    Before I started carrying a scarf,  I had no defense against a chilly breeze or one that caused my hair to tickle my face. Now I just wrap my scarf strategically for warmth or to cover my hair and the problem is solved..

4.  Sun Protection.  It may seem a little odd to think about sun protection on a plane; however, the sun still does shine through those windows.   Second, you get off the plane and head to your destination eventually.  When I am not able to apply sunscreen after disembarking either because it is in my checked luggage or simply not convenient, I wrap my scarf around my neck and to shield my face from the sun and worry about applying sunblock later.

5.  An accessory I don’t have to pack.  I am not a light packer.  Even if I was, if I can use something the entire trip and wear it at my destination as an accessory – why would I pack it or leave it behind?  I just wear it or put it in my carry-on.  Scarfs are small, lightweight and often wrinkle free so they fit into the tiniest corner and don’t add any weight.  It’s the perfect accessory.

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