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Sleep Better – Checklist for a Healthier Hotel Room

Sleep Better – Checklist for a Healthier Hotel Room


Do you know what might crawl into bed with you in your hotel room?

Sleep more soundly and help protect yourself against germs and viruses with these simple, all natural ideas for sanitizing your space.

Hotel room safety guidelines all suggest we not drink from the in-room glasses and remove the duvet cover to minimize the change of exposure to germs.

What about the germs you bring with you from other surfaces in the room?

Or those that are transported by housekeeping when they wipe down our room with a washcloth used in someone else’s rooms only minutes before?

What about bugs and bacteria lurking on the floor that you bring into those supposedly clean sheets as soon as you climb in with barefeet or socks that have been on the carpet?

Protect yourself and your loved ones better when traveling away from home with this checklist.

  • When booking your room, ask for one that is entirely pet free unless you plan to bring a pet of your own.
  • Try to get a “Pure” room or a Hyatt Respire Room which means that extra precautions for protecting against microbes have been performed.
  • Pack or purchase locally an all natural antiseptic spray.  My favorites include essential oils such as peppermint, tea trea and lavender for a refreshing fragrance as well as antiseptic.  I also often add Cedarwood or other oils known for their insect repelling properties (just in case).   Be sure to check for allergies to your spray before your trip.
  • With your chosen spray in hand, sanitize your room as follows:
    • On arriving at your room and starting with the door handle outside your room – spray all touching surfaces as you progress through the room.  Be sure to spray the following particularly well.
      • All door handles.   Spray the door handles daily or at least after every maidservice.    Maids might bring germs with them after touching those infamous duvet covers and glasses in someone else’s room (or worse – after handling dirty laundry).
      • Remote control
      • Electrical switches and buttons – including lights/lamps, temperature controls, alarm clocks.
      • Bathroom fixtures  including  shower handles, sink faucets, toiler lever and the toilet seat
      • The drapery pulls
      • The lid to the ice bucket and any roomservice tray.
      • Shower floor and if you plan to bath, the bathtub.
      • Hangers in the closet.
    • If possible, let the spray sit while you make the circuit of the room and then come back and wipe everything down to allow maximum sanitizing power.   Other than electronics, if you use an all natural, essential oil based antiseptic what is the harm if you accidently forget to wipe down a surface and it dries naturally?
  • Remove Duvet cover and check the mattress and sheets for any sign of bedbugs or pests.  If you find any signs of invasion call the front desk immediately.
  • Put a clean towel or other cloth on the floor by the bed to step on when you get in and out of the bed to avoid accidentally stepping on the carpet.
  • Always wear slippers or socks on any hotel room carpets.  Remove socks/slippers before climbing into bed to avoid bringing germs from the floor onto the sheets.
  • Make or purchase an all natural bug repellant and use it on the carpet around the bed and on the bed posts to keep pests as far away as possible.  Tip:  Try it out at home first to make sure it doesn’t attract a different kind of bug.   This all natural bug repellant is deet free and safe for baby and you and has good reviews.
  • As an added barrier against germs – and as a great moisturizing trick for hands, tired feet or any body part – I like to rub antiseptic moisturizing lotions or balms into my skin leaving a thin barrier that protects the skin in case you accidentally step onto the carpet barefoot touch the wrong surface.   This Tea Tree balm has the added benefit of natural antioxidants and moisturizers and has great user reviews.  Tip: Be sure to wipe off the excess moisturizing balm from your feet or put on clean socks (that haven’t stepped on the carpets) before getting into bed.  The essential oils can cause dirt, dust mites and germs to stick to you (unless they have a bug repellant)  so used common sense     Remember to wash your hands on first arriving in your room to avoid introducing new germs and spreading them around.
  • If possible, use your own paper cups or use only those provided by the hotel that are wrapped in plastic.  If you must use the glasses provided by the hotel, wash them in hot water with soap/detergent and add a little tea tree oil or other antiseptic to the water.
  • Bring your own allergen protective pillow cases and sheets.  These serve doubleduty by ensuring you’re sleeping on a clean surface while protecting you from allergens and whatever else might be lurking on the pillow or in the mattress provided by the hotel.

Most importantly, use common sense and you’ll reduce your risk of getting sick in a hotel room significantly.

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