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Chemical Free Cleaning Products from Walmart?

Chemical Free Cleaning Products from Walmart?

Keeping it clean takes on new meaning with the “Great Value Naturals” cleaning product line.

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When we think of Walmart, “Green” and “Eco-Friendly” are not the first thoughts that come to mind, but they are striving to change.  According to Walmart, their plant based Great Value Naturals cleaning line is  “100% chemical free, toxin-free, biodegradable, non-allergenic and packaged in recyclable materials”. They are also a founding member of the Sustainability Consortium.  (Source:

"The launch of Great Value Naturals is an important step in making green cleaning habits an affordable option for millions of consumers," said Alberto Dominguez, Walmart vice president and divisional merchandise manager. "Many consumers have the perception that all-natural cleaners are more expensive and don’t work as well as traditional cleaning products. Great Value Naturals addresses those concerns by combining affordability, performance and care for the environment."  (Alberto Domingues, Walmart Vice president and Visiional Merchandise Manger).


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