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Allergy Friendly Locations in Winthrop, Washington

Allergy Friendly Locations in Winthrop, Washington

Lose yourself in the Old West in this allergy friendly town straight from the pages of a historybook with gluten free dining and natural skincare options.

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Whether you are just passing through town, enjoying the nearby recreation or came for the shopping, you will not be disappointed with a visit to Winthrop, Washington even if you suffer from allergies and food sensitivities.

This memorable town looks like something leftover from the wild, wild west; however, it sprung from the imaginations of a small town stricken by tragic fire in 1893. The townspeople, not to be broken by the loss of their businesses and livelihoods to forest fire, rebuilt Winthrop as a picturesque town with wood sidewalks and old west saloon-style storefronts.

Travelers with allergies will be pleasantly surprised to find that even though the town appears lost in the past, they offer contemporary dining and allergy-friendly accommodations.


Country Quail, Winthrop, WA
Country Quail, Winthrop, WA

The heart of Winthrop is the main street bordered on both sides by old-style shopfronts.

Along the wood boardwalks on the main street through town ou will find an expansive bookstore with the latest bestsellers, travelguides and books on just about every topic to several outdoor sports shops that feature everything from shoes, socks and skis to backpacks, clothing and mountain bikes.  Tucked in the midst of the traditional shops are also espresso shops and an ecclectic mix of restaurants and boutique style shops.

Nectar Skin Bar, Winthrop, Washington
Nectar Skin Bar, Winthrop, Washington

We also found all natural skincare at both the Nectar Skin Bar (where we discovered the amazing Moksa Organics body butter that we reviewed in this article) and at the French Quail women’s boutique where you will also find clothing and jewelry. Several shops offered natural fiber clothing including brands made right in the Methow Valley.


The town of Winthrop had a surprising variety of restaurants; however, you may have to look closely to tell if they are a bistro or a roadside saloon since all of the shops have similar storefronts. We found several restaurants that offer gluten free menus including the Arrowleaf Bistro and the Old Schoolhouse Brewery.  A short drive up the mountain will take you to the Wolf Creek Bar & Grill located at Sun Mountain Lodge that also offers specialty menus and gluten free options as well as breathtaking vistas of snow-capped mountain ranges and turquoise lakes.

The Twisp River Pub located in nearby Twisp can also accommodate specialty dining restrictions.  If you venture into Twisp, be sure to also stop by the Glover Street Market, a natural food market and cafe that also features ice cream by the scoop, vitamins, natural foods and if you slip into the basement you will discover an extensive wine cellar.GloverStreetSign


Winthrop is a destination itself and most travelers will be looking for a place to stay.  You can find a traditional inn on mainstreet near the live music, rustic riverside cabins or travel back up the mountain to the mountain Sun Mountain Lodge.

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The Methow Valley is a 60 mile long glacial valley that extends from the town of Pateros to Mazama along the magnificent Methow River. Winthrop is located in the northern portion of this valley at milepost 193 along North Cascades Highway 20. Winthrop is a spectacular vacation destination with a Western flair. Learn more at