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The Grand Wailea Resort – Maui, Hawaii

The Grand Wailea Resort – Maui, Hawaii
A recent visit to The Grand Wailea resort inspired us to include them among our featured destinations after we discovered their green and allergy friendly amenities.
(Photo courtesy Grand

The Grand Wailea resort is well known for its amazing multi-level pool with meandering rivers and slides loved by adults and children alike. It’s beachfront setting is also the perfect location for a wedding, sunbathing, body boarding, snorkeling or even kayaking.  Unfortunately, the Grand Wailea has not been on the top of the list for green or allergy-friendly features.  However, with their recent room refresh program and an active interest in protecting the environment, travelers may want to take a second look.

Here are some highlights to consider when considering a journey to The Grand Wailea with persons who have allergies.

 Remodeled Rooms May Help Clear the Air


The Grand Wailea is undergoing a transformation and the new rooms feature solid surfaces and new carpet and upholstery. New air vents and fresh surfaces that have not absorbed years of dust and mold will likely reduce the possibility of airborne allergens.  However, be sure to request a remodeled room.   When we stayed at The Grand Wailea, our room was not one of the lucky few that had already been remodeled.   We were surprised by the dust clogged air units and a few stains in the carpets and surfaces.

Allergy Conscious – But Not Allergy Free – Dining


The Grand Wailea Resort features several dining options, including the Grand Dining area featured above where we had a fantastic buffet breakfast everyday, as well as a poolside bistro and the more formal Humuhumunukunukuapua’a Oceanfront restaurant with its amazing sunset views (inset below).  PLEASE NOTE:  The resort on its website acknowledges that it is not a gluten, nut or allergen free environment and that foods will be exposed to or may contain those substances.  However, the resort does try hard to accommodate allergies and dietary needs. They even offer an online Food Allergy notification form.    When we dined out at the resort, we noticed that servers did ask guests whether they had allergies and mentioned the chef would be happy to accommodate dietary accommodations when possible.


Above:   Our sunset view from HumuHumu…


Above:  View from OceanView Room in Chapel Tower

Green Initiatives

We were delighted to discover that the Grand Wailea has undertaken green initiatives and improvements for the protection of the environment. According to their website, they were inducted into the Maui Electric Company “Energy Efficient Hall of Fame” for energy conservation measures that included measures to reduce electricity consumption significantly.

The Grand Wailea’s Green Accolades include:

• Maui Electric Company Energy Award • Hawaii Green Business Award • Hawaii Green Business Program, member


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