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Eco-Friendly Travel Checklist – Green Travel Tips

Eco-Friendly Travel Checklist – Green Travel Tips


Take your Earth friendly practices on the road with these green travel tips.

If you are getting ready for a trip, take your Earth friendly practices with you and help save the planet when at home AND away. It is easier than you might think to conserve energy and minimize waste while on the road.

Here are a few tips to get you started.

Before You Leave the House

  • Instead of buying travel sizes for each trip, use refillable personal care items such as shampoo and lotion to save on waste.
  • Bring reusable water bottles to save on plastic and waste – Choose BPA Free water bottles if possible for a healthier option.
  • Reduce your thermostat when you leave the house to save on electricity – but not too much. In the winter, be sure your thermostat is set warm enough to avoid frozen pipes
  • Adjust your water heater if it has a reduced setting or vacation option to reduce natural gas or electricity consumption.   Be sure to reset it when you get home – before you take a cold shower!
  • Unplug appliances that are not in use as they draw electricity even when turned off
  • Pack a night light to use in your hotel room or vacation house to avoid the need to leave lights on all night

During Your Trip

  • Many hotels now have recycling bins in the rooms. Use them when possible.
  • To save on energy, participate in hotel linen programs if available.  If not, let the hotel staff know they don’t need to wash your towels and/or bedding every day.
  • When you leave your hotel room, turn off the lights, TV and radio and close the drapes to reduce energy transfer.   Turn down the AC/Heat if possible.
  • Stay in hotels that promote Earth friendly or green practices when possible.
  • If you use the fitness center, turn off treadmills or jacuzzi’s when you’re done to save on electricity.
  • Recycle your daily newspaper by sharing it with others.
  • Rent hybrid or electric vehicles to save on fuel or try an electric scooter.

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