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Glamping – Camping on the Softer Side of Nature

Glamping – Camping on the Softer Side of Nature


If you’re looking for a green, eco-friendly camping experience with all the comforts of home, glamping may be for you.

If you love the outdoors, exploring miles of trails, the smell of a campfire and the beauty of a star-filled night, yet don’t relish the idea of packing and unpacking the tent, the food, bedding and everything else required for camping, then glamping may be for you.

Combining many comforts of a hotel room with a camping-style experience without all the effort, camping in yurts and softsided tents has become extremely popular. Many glamping destinations also feature swimming pools, electricity, hot springs or other amenities offered by traditional lodge-style destinations.  Yet you still feel as though you are camping in nature.

As an added benefit, tent and yurt camping is more environmentally friendly than a typical resort or lodge since the structures are not permanent and often can be built or relocated without damaging the natural setting.  Many glamping destinations also do not have traditional electricity and in some cases, bathrooms are shared facilities located a distance from your “campsite”.  This means less energy consumption and consolidation of waste and bathroom toiletries into a more confined area.  Even those that offer ensuite bathrooms or traditional energy, frequently offer environmentally friendly alternatives.

Glamping may also be more eco-friendly than traditional camping.  With glamping food, bedding and many accessories are often provided by the resort and do not need to be packed in.  However, with camping, campers bring in many items stored in disposable containers or using plastic bags and, clear spaces for tents. This means that campers frequently leave behind more empty bags and other waste and cause more environmental damage than if the amenities were provided and handled by the resort staff.

So if you’re looking for an eco-friendly alternative to camping with a little added luxury, consider the following destinations for your next vacation and slip off the grid and into the wild for a few days, but with almost all the comforts of home.




Top:  Rockwater Tent Suite

Left and Above:   Spa without Walls

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Located on a beautiful stretch of the Sunshine Coast, the Rockwater Secret Cove Resort features 13 canvas tent suites complete with king size duvets and private bathrooms.  Explore this adults-only resort on meandering pathways through the forest or participate in nearby activities including mountain biking or kayaking or fishing on the Sunset Coast. After a long day of exploration and adventure, slip into a romantic hydrotherapy tub built for two.   The Rockwater Secret Cove Resort is also a romantic haven for a honeymoon and is a popular setting for destination weddings. The on-site spa features massage and traditional spa services as well as yoga classes.  The dining menu features farm fresh eggs, fruits, wines and an abundance of variety for the most discriminating diner.



LAKEDALE RESORT AT THREE LAKES – San Juan Island, Washington


Above:   The Canvas Cottage at Lakedale Resort

If you’re looking for something a little more rustic and traditional, try the Canvas “cabins” on the 82 acre Lakedale Resort.  The tent cabins feature lanterns, flannel sheets and a private firepit for camping reminiscent of your childhood and the bathroom facilities and shower are located a short trek down the way.  You are on your own for lunch and dinner, but a nearby restaurant located within walking distance works in a pinch if you decide roughing it – and actually cooking over the fire – is a bit more than you bargained for.  The resort features 16 tent cabins which includes a complementary continental breakfast and in your accommodations you’ll find towels and bath products as well as other basic amenities.  The resort also features a lodge, traditional campsites and pet friendly log cabins.



THE RESORT AT PAWS UP – Greenough Montana




Above Left:   One of the luxury 2-bedroom tents at Pinnacle Camp

Above Right:    A River Camp  tent at Paws Up night.

Left:   The Fitness Cabin at the Resort at Paws Up.

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Travel a little further inland to the majestic setting of The Resort at Paws Up located on 120 miles of hiking trails across 37,000 acres of meadows, forest and the Blackfoot River and discover eco-luxury on a new level.  Located only 35 miles east of Missoula, the resort features tent canvas-walled tents with traditional homestyle furnishings.  Plush rugs, king size feather beds and private bathrooms are warmed by heated floors. Nearby activities include horseback riding, hiking, fly-fishing, kayaking and mountain biking.  Hang out by the campfire or have s’mores and refreshments delivered to your door.   As you settle in for the evening, enjoy an ensuite bathroom or jetted tub in some accommodations. Couples seeking a romantic getaway will appreciate the honeymoon suite. The Resort at Paws Up is a “green resort” and has implemented environmentally conscious initiatives to protect the environment through its “iPreserve” program.  It has adopted traditional green programs such as earth-friendly cleaning products, energy efficient lights, organic bath products and the option for guests to re-use linens as well as many other green programs described on the resort website.  The on-site spa offers traditional spa services and, in support of its iPreserve program, features natural, organic EO line of products and other environmentally friendly and natural products.  Yoga classes are offered on-site and the resort has a separate Fitness Cabin and fitness trails for the fitness enthusiasts.  See more about The Resort at Paws Up and their green initiatives in their Destination Profile.


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