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Hidden Dangers in Commercial Perfumes

Hidden Dangers in Commercial Perfumes


It may sound crazy, but the European Union is attempting to ban some of the natural ingredients in popular and iconic fragrances, such as those contained in Dior or Chanel No. 5. The reason – unidentified allergens.   The irony of this is that many popular commercial fragrances also contain synthetic toxins and chemicals that may cause health damage with continued exposure. Since your skin absorbs most of what you put on it – and you absorb chemicals that you inhale  – I would hazard a guess that perfumes applied frequently would be considered continued exposure.

If you are concerned about unidentified chemicals and even potential allergens that may be lurking in commercial fragrances (which you should be, by the way),  skip the expensive perfumes with “proprietary” or unidentified ingredients.  Instead,  either make your own fragrance from natural essential oils and tinctures that you know are safe for you and  your loved ones or choose all natural options that provide 100% disclosure.   Organic and natural perfumes now come in all styles including those with additional holistic aromatherapeutic benefits or moisturizing balms that nourish the skin in a beeswax or shea base.

In other words, know what is going on your body and into your system before applying it.    Consider the hazards – whether toxic or allergenic – in fragrances and take steps to protect yourself. Don’t take for granted that just because a perfume smells good, it is not harmful.

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