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Hotel Haven – Take Your Home Spa on the Road

Hotel Haven – Take Your Home Spa on the Road


Take your home spa on the road and immerse yourself in a natural, organic spa experience anywhere!

Whether for business or leisure, travel can be draining.    After being on the road – or in an airplane – for endless hours and arriving at an unfamiliar hotel room, we long for the comforts of home.

After you arrive at your destination, wouldn’t you love to immerse yourself in a mini spa day to replenish and restore your dry skin, dehydrated from recycled airplane air? Or massage your tired feet with a cooling and aromatic foot cream? Or perhaps a long soak in a decadent bath trimmed with candles and infused with hydrating oils.

So, what are you waiting for?  Enjoy that spa day.  Does it matter that you are in a hotel room? Not at all.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled our favorite “Mobile Spa” ideas and some products you may want to consider for your next getaway.   Be sure to check out our checklist of what to pack for your Mobile Spa.


Whether you prefer soothing ocean or forest sounds, or quiet jazz or meditation music, music can promote relaxation, wash away many distractions and promote restful sleep.   Bring along a selection of your favorites so you can pick the right one for your mood.   Be sure to check online or call ahead to verify whether your room has an mp3 player unless you plan to bring your own speakers or use a headset.

Obviously, a day at the “spa” would also not be complete without candles.  We learned the hard way that it is not practical to travel with full-size candles.  They don’t pack well, take up too much room or are still soft and drippy when we need to make a quick exit for the next destination.


Enter the Tea Light candle.  Perfect tiny tins – available with convenient travel lids – that come in a variety of styles. Tea light candles are available in all natural and healing varieties (such as those found here) as well as aromatic or unscented. Pack a variety and line them on your room’s bathroom counter or around the tub. Since candles obviously include a flame, they are not recommended for near the bed.   It could be hazardous to fall asleep with them lit and knock them over.  Even though they are small, use the same caution as you use around any flame.

You will also want to ensure you have a robe or comfortable loungewear and soft socks or spa slippers.  Spa slippers are great because they are easy to slip on and keep your feet off the floor that may not be as clean as you would like. If you have skin sensitivities choose brands made from natural fibers such as cotton.


1.  If you plan to take a bath at the hotel, be sure to sanitize it in advance with an all-natural antibacterial/antifungal spray.   We like sprays containing tea tree oil because they are not only sanitizing, but also smell clean and refreshing.  Other good choices are those containing lemon for a citrus scent which is also a great cleanser.   Let the spray rest on all of the surfaces of the tub – including the faucets and drain – for about 10 minutes for maximum cleansing then wipe down and rinse. By using an all natural cleaner, you don’t have to worry about chemical residue and the oils in the spray are actually good for your skin if you don’t get all of it out.

2.  Set up your speakers and mp3 player or sound spa machine in the bathroom and get your music or nature sounds ready to play.

3.  Place your robe within easy reach of the bath and place a towel on the floor where you plan to exit so you won’t be forced to put your clean feet on the possibly not-to-clean floor.  Keep your slippers nearby as well.spaslippers_


1.   When you’re ready to begin your pampering, start your bath.  When the bath is nearly full, add bath oil if you plan to include it. Adding it too soon can affect the efficacy of healing oils.   A hotel is the perfect place to use oils since the oil won’t leave oily residue on your bath at home.

2.  Place your tea candles strategically around the bath – being sure they are sufficiently out of reach for you not to accidentally get burned or knock KS15283them off.

3.   If you plan to include an essential oil diffuser for aromatherapy in addition to the candles, set the diffuser nearby for maximum effect.

4.  While the bath is filling, cleanse your face with an all natural cleanser.  With your face still slightly moist, apply a moisturizing or healing mask.

5.   Slip into the bath and relax.

6.  When you are done, massage healing, moisturizing foot cream into your feet and slip your tingling feet into the comfort of your spa slippers to keep them clean and sanitized – whatever you do – don’t step on the floor with your bare feet.

7.   Rinse off your mask.

8.   Apply all natural, antioxidant rich body lotion or essential oils to your damp skin to lock in moisture and infuse your skin with healing antioxidants.


Be sure to take a look at our Home or Hotel Spa Checklist of what to bring with you to the hotel.


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