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Checklist for Your All Natural Spa Day – at Home or Away

Checklist for Your All Natural Spa Day – at Home or Away

Create a Natural Spa in your Home or Hotel with this checklist

With a little advance planning, you will have everything you need to replenish and restore your skin and your soul naturally with an in-room mini spa experience at home or away.

To help get you started, we compiled a checklist of items we like to bring and that don’t take up a lot of room in our bag.  For more ideas, be sure to read our article on creating your mini spa experience so you can set the stage and immerse yourself in a 3 dimensional spa experience.


1.  Tea Candles of your choice for ambiance and aromatherapy.HomedicsSoundsSpa

2.  Mp3 speakers or sound spa for soothing and relaxing music to enjoy during your spa experience.

The Homedics Soundspa Clock Radio may be a great fit for your needs.   It not only plays sounds and music from sources including its internal nature sounds series, AM/FM or MP3, but also serves as an alarm clock and projects the time in a soothing blue light.

3.  Travel robe in silk or other lightweight, natural fabric.

4.   Facial mask and natural cleanser.

5.   Sanitizing cleansing spray.  We prefer tea tree or lemon, both of which double as sanitizers and room fresheners.   A great one to try is Organic Tea Tree and Soapbark Yoga Mat Cleanser Wash.  Another one you might like is Manduka Spray.  These are marketed for yoga mats, but are an all natural cleansing spray perfect for wiping down the tub and comes in a 2-pack – one for home and one for your suitcase.

6.  Travel size bottle of aromatic or healing blend of bath oil.

7.  Spa slippers.   Lightweight, cotton or natural fiber slippers that are easy to pack and easy to put on are the best.

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