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Essence of Vali

Essence of Vali

Experience holistic therapies blended from all natural, vegan ingredients made in the USA.  Essence of Vali features selections blended to calm, fortify, promote sleep, decongest, incite passions and refresh and restore, and is a must have for home and travel.  Essence of Vali also offers gifts sets for several of its products – perfect for a gift or travel.

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A decongesting and restorative blend when symptoms of colds and flu get the better of you. Gently shake bottle.  Mist around room to freshen the air or use as a body spray, avoiding contact with face and eyes. Use during the day to help clear sinuses and ease symptoms of colds and flu.

100% natural; 100% vegan

Scent Description:  Citrus, herbal, mint

Ingredients:  Essential oils (from plants) of lemon, orange, eucalyptus and peppermint in a base of distilled water.

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EOV_PassionLoveMistLOVE MIST

Enhancing romantic moments, you and your partner can use this aphrodisiac and sensual blend for misting sheets, pillowcases and body. Gently shake bottle. Spray on sheets and corners of pillowcase. You can also mist the room to create a romantic mood or freshen the air. It can also be used as a body mist.

Purity:  100% Natural, 100% Vegan, Handmade in NYC

Scent Description:  Citrus, floral, earthy, spicy.

Ingredients:  Essential oils (from plants) of orange, ylang/ylang, patchouli & ginger in a base of distilled water.

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Relief Analgesic Balm is used to ease the discomfort of aches and pains, due to chronic conditions, arthritis, sports injuries, headaches and overall discomfort. It is suitable for smaller areas. Massage the areas where you experience pain.

Purity:  100% Natural

Scent Description:  Floral, mint.

Ingredients:  Essential oils (from plants) of lavender, peppermint& birch blended into a base of almond oil, jojoba, beeswax, coconut oil, soybean oil, aloe vera and tocopherol (Vitamin E).

Manufactured in Taos, New Mexico.

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1 oz sleep soothing mist, 1 oz sleep massage & bath oil, 1 sleep mini concentrate.

Color of Box:  Black or White

Purity:  100% Natural, 100% Vegan, Handmade in NYC

Ingredients: Essential oils of lavender, marjoram & cedarwood. Base for Massage & Bath Oil: 100% pesticide free golden jojoba. Base for Mist:  Distilled water. Base for Concentrate:  No base – pure essential oils only.

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WHERE TO BUY:    Essence of Valie is available on their website at,, and


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