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Mill Creek Botanicals

Mill Creek Botanicals
If you’re looking for botanically based, natural and organic hair and bodycare, you’ve come to the right place!


Mill Creek Botanicals is an eco-conscious manufacturer providing nutrient-rich products for your hair and skin.  With products ranging from paraben and gluten free shampoo and conditioner to organic lotion, they have products perfect for everyone.  The reviews for their Mill Creek Biotin Shampoo even claim that their luscious, organic biotin shampoo reduces hair loss.   If that’s the case, we’re all in.   There’s nothing like watching your hair – and your money- go down the drain.

 Mill Creek Biotin Shampoo. 

Just one of the natural, nutrient rich shampoo choices from Mill Creek Botanicals, the Biotin Shampoo infused with peppermint oil also combines B-complex vitamins with proteins and herbs like keratin, jojoba and aloe to give your hair full-bodied texture.

Aloe Vera & Paba Lotion.    Where else can you find a full 64 oz of natural, nutrient-rich lotion from a company that has been making fantastic products for 30 years – and for less than $20?   Amazingly, Mill Creek Botanicals offers their specially formulated, healthy bodycare products in bulk sizes including this Mill Creek Botanicals Aloe Vera and PABA Moisturizing Lotion
formula.    Since we use lotions all the time, this sounds like a great deal to us.   Even more incredible, the Amazon reviews for this product are sublime.





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