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The Rad Roller – Muscle Relief & Release

The Rad Roller – Muscle Relief & Release

We are always on the lookout for ways to ease jet lag or soothe sore, aching muscles when we’re on the road.  When we we came across the Rad Roller, you can imagine our delight.

These lightweight, compact, portable tools fit in your suitcase or backpack and will work tirelessly to soothe away muscle knots anytime or anywhere.

According to the RAD Roller website, the patent-pending RAD Roller was developed by a  pro triathlete and bodywork expert.  Little did we know, we had the pleasure of meeting him personally at a recent tradeshow.  He demonstrated some of the  amazing uses of the RAD Roller right there at the tradeshow and we were anxious to try them ourselves.

After finally arriving at the hotel room, I eagerly dug out the RAD Roller and set to work rolling away aches and pains and sore spots I didn’t even know I had.     I was intrigued to discover that easing a kink in one spot released tension in other areas.

For more information about the RAD Roller, the RAD Roller website has How To videos and images with great ideas for how to put these little gadgets to work for you.  Below are some images from their website to get you started or make up your own.  Either way, you’ll be releasing your worries along with the kinks before you know it.


The RAD Roller is perfect for those hard to reach places.






Got a pain in the neck?  Gentle pressure and smooth, precise movements can help ease neck tension.




RadRollerFootThe RAD Roller is perfect for soothing tired, achy feet after a long day at the airport.





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