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Trudeau BPA Free Water Bottle

Trudeau BPA Free Water Bottle

Handy grip center and condensation-free design makes this BPA free sport bottle easy to grip.

If you’re looking for an easy to grip, BPA free water bottle that will keep your beverage cold  without condensation, you will love the Trudeau Cool Off Bottle.   This bottle also features a handy built in straw that disappears with the twist of the top for storage and pops up as soon as you need a drink.

I bought mine to take on hiking trips because it had a handy clip. I could clip it to my backpack or to my purse, just about anything. I was surprised how long it kept my water cold without being insulated – apparently that is because of the special interior liner. Mine is black but it is available in several great colors – including purple.  The reviews on Amazon are great with the only complaints seeming to be that it does get cracked. My only recommendation to the manufacturer is to extend the grip surface area to cover more of the surface.  I did drop my bottle a few times and low and behold it did crack slightly.  The good news is, the interior waterproof liner is still fully intact and the crack on the exterior is just a hairline so it hasn’t affected the functionality at all. I’ve had other cups shatter on being dropped or that weren’t BPA free as well as bottles that were always cold and wet with condensation.  It’s a small price to pay to be a little careful not to smash the bottle into the pavement In exchange for a bottle that is easy to grip, attaches to anything, keeps beverages cold and is BPA free.

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One Response to Trudeau BPA Free Water Bottle

  1. This is a great sports bottle. The clip works great for attaching to my gear and the rubber is great for gripping. It doesn’t sweat like most of the water bottles I’ve tried.

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