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Chocolate Coconut Clusters Recipe

Chocolate Coconut Clusters Recipe

Would you like to make a healthy, chocolate coconut snack to keep you going between meals, yet tastes like heaven melting in your mouth?  If so, you have to try this recipe for chocolate coconut mini clusters.  For an even healthier treat, try it with the optional protein vitamin powder.

If you like Russell Stover Coconut Clusters, you will love this variation you can make yourself for a fraction of the cost.  Although I really enjoy the original version, ours has additional health benefits and can be made from ingredients we usually have at home.    We love to have these on hand at home and on trips for a quick one-bite snack between meals.  You can make them in the cups, freeform or if you prefer a more formal look, considering making rounded balls rolled in coconut like the confections  shown below.


These mini chocolate coconut clusters include fresh, raw coconut which has amazing health benefits.   It provides not only fiber, but is also reputed to be antifungal and antibacterial.  It also tastes fantastic.    Since you can use any type of chocolate chips, you control exactly what ingredients are used.   This will work with dark chocolate or milk chocolate, white chocolate, carob chips or any meltable variation provided it will re-harden after melting and stay fairly solid.

You can also control the amount of coconut.   More coconut for healthier benefits, lightly coated in chocolate, or less coconut for a bite-size chocolate that melts in your mouth with a slight crunch and texture from the coconut.

For even more health benefits, we added chocolate  gluten free  vitamin/protein powder for a burst of protein and vitamins.   Each little bite now provides not only some vitamins and fiber, but also some protein to help us stay full until our next meal.

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